Helpful Hints

Baybay Puree ... from our family to yours






Preparation Instructions:  

Thaw under refrigeration or microwave cubes in a glass bowl to desired temperature.

For convenience, we recommend to thaw in glass bowls (e.g. Pyrex 1 cup bowls or Ball 4 oz. jars) ... they come with individual lids to help with meals on the go. Simply microwave for 10-15 seconds to partially thaw and by the time you need it, it's ready to go!


Mix & Match:  

Mix and match Baybay Puree's for new / different flavors.

Once thawed you can add your own touch!  Cinnamon in our Apple Puree ... Or any other spices to add yummy flavor!


Additional Uses:  

Add to smoothies! Throw in fruits and veggies you never thought about putting in your smoothie! Already cooked and frozen!

Add to other meals or baked goods for added nutrients and a creamy texture!


Gift Ideas???  

Let us know!  Baybay Puree is a thoughtful gift for an expecting mother or someone getting ready to introduce purees into their babies diet. Show them you care by providing them with a convenient fresh option for their little one!