Why BBP?


Baybay Puree is a fresh, natural frozen baby food.  Fresh ingredients are prepared in a flavorful way and immediately whipped into a delicious smooth puree.  No preservatives or additives are added during the cooking process ...  What you see is actually what you get.


The fresh, natural purees are frozen into 1 oz. cubes. The cubes provide a convenient customizable meal for your baby and help eliminate waste. If your baby wants more, simply thaw another cube.  Each Baybay Puree package includes 12 single ingredient cubes.

Baby Food

Baybay Puree is produced in the Cincinnati area and made with local ingredients (whenever possible).  In our process we don't sacrifice the quality of the ingredients. Our goal is to lock in key vitamins and nutrients, giving you peace of mind that you are feeding your baby the best food possible.

About Us

Having fed these exact same purees to our 3 little ones and enjoying the process, we decided it was time to share our baby food with other families.  Baybay Puree is a product you will be proud to feed your baby ... knowing you are providing your baby with a fresh, healthy baby food.

How to Order

Contact us at info@baybaypuree.com to place an order or visit our Where To Buy page to find a location near you that carries Baybay Puree.